Color Factory defines what type corresponds to <color> SVG type and how values of this type are created from SVG color description.

ICC Color Factory defines what type corresponds to <icccolor> SVG type and how values of this type are created from SVG ICC color description.

Color Factory Concept

struct color_factory
  typedef /* ... */ color_type;
  typedef /* floating point number type */ percentage_type;

  static color_type create(unsigned char r, unsigned char g, unsigned char b);
  static color_type create_from_percent(percentage_type r, percentage_type g, percentage_type b);

create_from_percent is called when color components are set as percents (e.g. rgb(100%,100%,100%)). Percent values are passed as is, i.e. 100% is passed as 100.

In other cases create function is called with integer component values in range 0 to 255. Recognized color keyword names are converted to corresponding component values by SVG++ library.

System colors aren’t handled yet.

Named class template parameter for Color Factory is color_factory.

Integer Color Factory

SVG++ by default uses factory::color::integer<> as Color Factory. This factory returns color packed in int value: Red component in 3rd byte, Green in 2nd, Blue in 1st (least significant). Component offsets and number type can be configured.

ICC Color Factory Concept

struct icc_color_factory
  typedef /* floating point number type */ component_type;
  typedef /* ... */ icc_color_type;
  typedef /* ... */ builder_type;

  template<class Iterator>
  void set_profile_name(builder_type &, typename boost::iterator_range<Iterator> const &) const;
  void append_component_value(builder_type &, component_type) const;

  icc_color_type create_icc_color(builder_type const &) const;

icc_color_type is a type that will be passed to the user code.

builder_type is used as a temporary object during building icc_color_type from color profile name and some components values.

Pseudo-code that illustrates usage of ICC Color Factory from inside SVG++ to parse icc-color(profile1 0.75, 0.15, 0.25) value:

void parse_icc(icc_color_factory const & factory)
  icc_color_factory::builder_type builder;
  factory.set_profile_name(builder, boost::as_literal("profile1"));
  factory.append_component_value(builder, 0.75);
  factory.append_component_value(builder, 0.15);
  factory.append_component_value(builder, 0.25);
  value_events_policy::set(context, attribute_tag, factory.create_icc_color(builder));

ICC Color Policy Concept

ICC Color Policy defines which ICC Color Factory instance is used for the context. It can be used to configure ICC Color Factory in runtime, e.g. taking in account referenced color profiles in SVG document.

struct icc_color_policy
  typedef /* ... */ context_type;
  typedef /* ... */ icc_color_factory_type;

  static icc_color_factory_type & icc_color_factory(Context const &);

Default ICC Color Policy returns static instance of factory::icc_color::stub. factory::icc_color::stub is a model of ICC Color Factory that skips passed values and returns instance of empty tag::skip_icc_color class as ICC color.

Named class template parameter for ICC Color Policy is icc_color_policy.