Length Factory defines what type corresponds to SVG types <length> and <coordinate> and how instances of that types are created from text values that include units.

Length Policy specifies how Length Factory for the context is accessed. It permits configuration of Length Factory in runtime (e.g. when viewport size or font size is changed).

Length Factory Concept

struct length_factory
  typedef /* ... */ length_type;
  typedef /* ... */ number_type;

  length_type create_length(number_type number, tag::length_units::em) const;
  length_type create_length(number_type number, tag::length_units::ex) const;
  length_type create_length(number_type number, tag::length_units::px) const;
  length_type create_length(number_type number, tag::length_units::in) const;
  length_type create_length(number_type number, tag::length_units::cm) const;
  length_type create_length(number_type number, tag::length_units::mm) const;
  length_type create_length(number_type number, tag::length_units::pt) const;
  length_type create_length(number_type number, tag::length_units::pc) const;
  length_type create_length(number_type number, tag::length_units::none) const;

  length_type create_length(number_type number, tag::length_units::percent, tag::length_dimension::width) const;
  length_type create_length(number_type number, tag::length_units::percent, tag::length_dimension::height) const;
  length_type create_length(number_type number, tag::length_units::percent, tag::length_dimension::not_width_nor_height) const;

create_length method receives number and length tag and returns corresponding length value of the type length_type.

Lengths that are set with percent units may be treated differently, depending on whether value corresponds to width or height. That is why create_length receives the third parameter - one of the three tag types tag::length_dimension::width, tag::length_dimension::height or tag::length_dimension::not_width_nor_height.

Depending on the implementation of Length Factory, length may be of integer type or something more complex like object containing value and units used. SVG++ provides factory::length::unitless, that implements configurable Length Factory returning numeric values.

Unitless Length Factory

Unitless Length Factory factory::length::unitless - is a model of Length Factory, provided by SVG++ library. Name “unitless” means that lengths created by factory are numbers without information about units. Unitless Length Factory uses units information to apply the corresponding coefficient to the value.

  class LengthType = double,
  class NumberType = double,
  class ReferenceAbsoluteUnits = tag::length_units::mm
class unitless
  /* Skipped Length Factory methods */

  template<class AbsoluteUnits>
  void set_absolute_units_coefficient(NumberType coeff, AbsoluteUnits);
  template<class AbsoluteUnits>
  NumberType get_absolute_units_coefficient(AbsoluteUnits) const;

  void set_user_units_coefficient(NumberType coeff);
  NumberType get_user_units_coefficient() const;

  void set_viewport_size(LengthType width, LengthType height);

  void set_em_coefficient(NumberType coeff);
  void set_ex_coefficient(NumberType coeff);
  template<class UnitsTag>
  void set_em_coefficient(NumberType coeff, UnitsTag unitsTag);
  template<class UnitsTag>
  void set_ex_coefficient(NumberType coeff, UnitsTag unitsTag);

Sets coefficient that will be used for lengths in absolute units (in, cm, mm, pt or pc). The method should be called for any one of absolute units, coefficients for others will be calculated automatically. Example:

svgpp::factory::length::unitless<> factory;
// Let our length value be a pixel. Set 'in' coefficient to 90 (90 Dots per inch)
factory.set_absolute_units_coefficient(90, svgpp::tag::length_units::in());
// Coefficient for 'pc' (pica = 1/6 inch) will be 90/6 = 15
assert(factory.get_absolute_units_coefficient(svgpp::tag::length_units::pc()) == 15);
Sets coefficient that will be used for lengths in user units (that are specified without units or in px). By default coefficient = 1.
Sets width and height of the viewport to be used for percentage values that are defined to be relative to the size of viewport.
set_em_coefficient and set_ex_coefficient
Sets coefficients for font-related em and ex units.

Length Policy Concept

Length Policy defines which Length Factory will be used for the context:

struct length_policy
  typedef /* ... */ length_factory_type;

  static length_factory_type & length_factory(context_type & context);

Default Length Policy returns constant reference to static instance of factory::length::default_factory.

Named class template parameter for Length Policy is length_policy.

To configure Length Factory named template parameter length_policy must be passed to document_traversal. For example, using library provided policy::length::forward_to_method:

typedef factory::length::unitless<> LengthFactory;

class Context
  LengthFactory const & length_factory() { return m_LengthFactory; }

  LengthFactory m_LengthFactory;

  length_policy<policy::length::forward_to_method<Context, LengthFactory const> >,
  /* ... */
>::/* ... */